Testimony from past NEAP winner Todd Fuller

"Newcastle has always been a special place to me. I grew up not far away in the town of Branxton and some of my earliest memories of museums and galleries are family outings to Newcastle Museum and what was then Newcastle Regional Art Gallery. Some of my most important projects have taken place here in Galleries like Watt Space and Back to Back Galleries. As I write this I am in the midst of installing a new show which I have co-curated at Newcastle Art Gallery. Come to think of it, one of my first exhibitions was Newcastle Art Space as a part of This Is Not Art. Despite studying somewhere else (National Art School, Sydney), it is Newcastle where some of my biggest artistic milestones have taken place. The Newcastle Emerging Artist Prize was one of those milestones. 

In 2010 I was in my third year of study. That same year I won the Sculpture section of NEAP with a terracotta figure who had an animation playing on a monitor in his stomach. It was a personal piece about loss and reflection. Looking back, this was the start to a very successful year. It was a moment which gave me confidence as an artist and also gave me a beautiful opportunity to exhibit alongside my local peers and colleagues. In hindsight, NEAP was a significant kickstart to my trajectory as an artist. Using the momentum I gained from NEAP- I went on to gain Commercial Gallery Representation (Brenda May Gallery), a residency in Paris to the Cite` Des Arts and an ArtStart Grant to help establish the foundation to a career as an artist. I have no doubt that winning NEAP helped me to leverage these three achievements of 2010/2011. 

What I really remember from that night was having the honour of hearing the judges talk about my work on the opening night. From memory it was Kerrie Coles and Ron Ramsey who both interpreted my work with warmth and sophistication- NEAP gave me the opportunity to have my work viewed and somewhat reviewed by industry professionals who I otherwise would not have had the ability to access. 

In my time since, I have been awarded an honourable mention in the 15th Asian Art Biennale, travelled in Europe as the William Fletcher Fellow, been acquired for multiple collections and had my work exhibited not only across Australia but also acorss the world. These accomplishments return to my early successes and the lessons learnt here. With this in mind, I would strongly encourage any young Novacasrian aspiring artists (and of course those from elsewhere too) who may be considering entering the NEAP to definitely give it a go. You never know where it may lead."

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Past NEAP winner Ahn Wells tells of her life since NEAP

"I won this prize in 2002 with a pierced paper and mixed media work on paper. It was judged by Elizabeth Ann MacGregor from the MCA , Sydney when Kerrie Coles was the Director of NAS. My work was also purchased during the exhibition by Richard Suters who I think still owns the piece today. 

I won the Overall prize when I was studying B.Fine Art (honours) at The University of Newcastle, Australia and working as Gallery Assistant at Watt Space Student Gallery of the University of Newcastle when Anne McLaughlin was Director. I finished honours the next year (2003) and received one of 5 Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship for Emerging Artist (administered through National Association for the Visual Arts) and headed to the UK. I completed a short course in Tapestry Weaving West Dean College, Chichester as part of my travelling scholarship and also travelled in Europe. 

I travelled between Australia and UK for the next 2 years, finally coming back to Newcastle in 2006 for good. In 2007, I participated in the Here + Beyond exhibition at Newcastle Art Gallery curated by then NAG curator Lisa Slade, which looked at local emerging artist who has spend time away from Newcastle but then returned. I 2009 I started volunteering with Octapod in their artist-run gallery - PODspace until the gallery spaced closed on Hunter Street at the end of 2012. 

As an artist I work out of my studio at Newcastle Community Arts Centre and from Jun 2014 - Jan 2016, I volunteered at Newcastle Art Space - NAS. At the beginning of 2015, I opened by own gallery, Gallery 139 on Beaumont St where I am today!!"

Newcastle Emerging Artist Prize 2015

2015 Judges:
Braddon Snape, Artist and inaugural Newcastle Art Space committee
Anne McLaughlin, Learning & Audience Development Curator, Maitland Regional Art Gallery and 
NCAC Studio Artist
Sarah Johnson, Curator, Newcastle Art Gallery

Louisa Magrics

Ellie Kaufmann - WINNER

Nathan Keogh - WINNER
Melissa Radcliffe - HIGHLY COMMENDED

Ryan Fitzgerald - WINNER
Dylan Smyth - COMMENDED

Dot and Dash - WINNER
Christina Frogley - HIGHLY COMMENDED
Bree Rooney - COMMENDED

Michaela Swan – WINNER

Newcastle Emerging Artist Prize 2014

2014 Judges:
 Anthony Bond OAM former Curator Art Gallery of NSW, 
Kerrie Coles Inaugural Newcastle Art Space Director and Artist, 
Professor Anne Graham Lecturer and Artist

OVERALL WINNER     Michael Randall
Winner                             Gavin Vitullo
Highly Commended         Lloyd Kellett
Commended                    Morjgan Habibi

Winner                              John Moroney
Highly Commended          Liss Finney
Commended                     Michael Langenegger
Commended                     Sharon Williams

Winner                               Michael Randall
Highly Commended           Kelly Barlin
Commended                      Charlie Hardy

Winner                                 Sarah Cockroft
Highly Commended             Lauren Sahu-Khan
Commended                        Catherine Tempest
Commended                        Josh McGregor
Commended                        Ruve Staneke

Winner                                 Olivia Parsonage
Highly Commended             Michaela Swan

Ellie Hannon

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