Newcastle Art Space (NAS) is an artist run initiative and non commercial, non profit gallery.
Overseen by the volunteer gallery committee, the gallery is available on a rental basis and provides professional and accessible space for a diverse range of artistic practices and projects.
NAS also co-ordinates and hosts the annual Newcastle Emerging Artist Prize (NEAP).
The new Gallery at 91 Chinchen Street Tighes Hill has two separate exhibition spaces with plans to extend and is currently in early stages of its development. Exhibitions run in three week blocks and artists are responsible for all aspects of their exhibitions.
The  gallery accepts solo, group and curatorial proposals throughout the year.
Newcastle Art Space is supported by the Newcastle Community Arts Centre. 

Since the formation of the Newcastle Art Space, (NAS) in 2000, at the instigation of visual artist members of the Newcastle Community Arts Centre the gallery has grown and developed to become one of the premier exhibition spaces in Newcastle.
While the primary focus of NAS has been on emerging artists, with the Newcastle Emerging Artist Prize being the major event of the year, this has never been the sole area of arts practice to which the committee of the gallery has devoted its energies and attention. Just as the founding members of the Gallery were artists at differing stages of their careers, so the present committee sees the function of the Gallery as a showcase for the extensive, divergent artistic talent that exists within Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.
NAS is a vital link between the visual artists of our region and the greater community, with over one hundred artists exhibiting each year to an audience of thousands.
Newcastle Art Space satisfies a need in the Newcastle art scene for a non-commercial exhibition space supporting a diversity of emerging and established artists on a non-commission basis. As well as the provision of a quality exhibition space, the gallery committee can provide advice in the areas of marketing, curatorship, communication and administration, assisting the development of professionalism in all exhibiting artists’ careers.
The NAS committee is continuously seeking to raise the public profile of the gallery through the quality of its exhibitions and the formation of strategic links with other arts organisations, local administrative bodies, other galleries and local businesses.
Newcastle Art Space aims to:
  • Provide accessible, flexible, functional and professional exhibition space for all visual artists, both emerging and professional, at a low cost 
  • Ensure that exhibitors are/ become members or tenants of the Newcastle Community Arts Centre
  • Forge strategic links with other non-profit and arts orientated organisations, as well as local business partnerships
  • Maintain the Newcastle Emerging Artist Prize including sponsorship, coordination and hosting of event, as well as strategic planning for growth of the event
  • Increase the gallery profile through diverse skills of committee membership, and attaining membership to other artist-run / regional galleries

Newcastle Art Space came to fruition through the dedication of a working committee who instigated community initiatives and
fund-raising activities including an art auction, with works donated by over 80 local artists. The Gallery also developed links with
Newcastle businesses, Suters Architects for example, were responsible for redesigning the former studio spaces into a professional, functional exhibition space.

The Newcastle Community Arts Centre is dedicated to supporting the arts and artists by providing a physical space that houses  artist studios, and an artist-run gallery (NAS). The NCAC also supports the development of community-focused arts activities by individuals, groups and organisations.
Founded in 1983, the Newcastle Community Arts Centre is a not for profit company limited by guarantee and has charity status.
We aim to build partnerships with other community organisations to create a range of arts projects promoting cultural development throughout Newcastle and the Hunter.