Monday, November 30, 2015

Opening Friday 4th December at 6pm

Drawn Upstairs V and The Naked Truth #2

3 - 20 December 2015

Swiss artist Paul Klee stated that drawing is taking a line for a walk.
Paul Gauguin on drawing (supposedly) said:  A critic at my house sees some paintings. Greatly perturbed, he asks for my drawings. My drawings! Never! They are my letters, my secrets. Claude Monet (supposedly) said: I never draw except with brush and paint...

Drawing is still alive and well as an essential discipline in the arts arena, whether drawing for the very act of drawing itself, sketching en plein air as preparation for painting or printmaking, or drawing plans for a Marquette for a 3D construction.
The practice teaches us to look in order to see, to see in order to understand, and to then interpret this experience perhaps as a platform on which to build our observations. 

Drawing for the sake of drawing may be difficult, requiring close observation, or quick, spontaneous responses to particular elements.  It can also be great fun and adventurous when the conventions of the discipline are re-interpreted or discarded or when the artist ‘just lets go’ of pre-conceived ideas of what a drawing might be.
At Newcastle Art Space drawing from life is the focus with an exhibition highlighting the works of artists from three drawing experiences.  Gallery 1 Drawn Upstairs V shows work from Peter Lankas’ Newcastle Community Arts Centre (NCAC) and Ann Caddey’s Drawing Room artists. The Drawing Room Group currently meet at the Royal Exchange Hotel in Bolton Street Newcastle to draw and share a glass of wine in a relaxed environment.
In Gallery 2 The Naked Truth #2 works are on display from the Thursday morning life drawing group at NCAC.  This morning group allows intermediate or advanced students to work from a live model, without a tutor, share the experience with like-minded creatives and pay a fee of only $10.00 per class.  All groups then share an exhibition space to demonstrate and validate their practice and development of ideas and skill.
The range of techniques and styles always makes this an exciting annual exhibition. There are beautiful accomplished works, dramatic impressions, quirky interpretations and joyful playful ideas.  This is a must – see art experience.
Official opening night is Friday 4th December from 6pm. The exhibition runs from Thursday 3rd to Sunday 20th December and is the final exhibition for 2015. 
Next year promises to be an exciting one for NAS Gallery and one full of possibilities.   The appointment of new directors and committee members will allow NAS to further define and/or redefine its role and position within the local art landscape.  Thank you Ahn Wells for undertaking the director role with such enthusiasm and optimism, and for setting up future ventures and opportunities.  A thank you also to all previous directors and committee members who have all contributed to the success of NAS.  Ahn will be continuing her relationship with NAS as a mentor.  Exciting times ahead for 2016.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Opening night Friday 13th November at 6pm

In the Black

Dotei by Hide Koboyashi
Newcastle Art Space (NAS) gallery provides a venue for artists at any stage of their career to display their work to the wider community.  The gallery is managed by a team of volunteer workers.  Each year NAS holds two fund raiser exhibitions to support the gallery’s activities, including the annual Newcastle Emerging Artist Prize.  It is only through the generosity of such a collective community that the gallery continues.

Yellow Cactus by Christina Frogley
The most significant difference between NAS and other Newcastle galleries is the fact that the gallery does not take a commission from the artists for any sales they make during their exhibition.  This means if an art collector pays $250 for an artwork, the entire $250 goes directly back to the artist.  The annual fund raiser exhibitions are the only variation on this of course, with artists choosing to dedicate 50% or 100% of any sales back to NAS funding.
Pretty in Pink by Maggie Hall
The artists are familiar names on the art scene with some newcomers which is great to see. The price range for works in the current exhibition is $35 to $6,000 so there is a price point for everyone interested in adding to their collection, and an easy entry point for new collectors and even early Christmas shoppers looking for a unique gift.

Stormy Evening from The Hill by Kerrie Coles

The Last Stop by Peter Lankas

The exhibition opens Thursday 12th November and runs to 29th November with the official opening night this Friday 13th November at 6pm.  Dress in black.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Spring Salon
Last few days to see the NCAC studio artists at NAS gallery.  Open Thursday till 5pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12noon to 5pm.  If you are exhibiting don't forget to collect any unsold works from 4pm this Sunday 8th November.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Artists are invited to donate works for our 
2015 OPEN show and Fundraiser. We are fundraising for
Newcastle Emerging Artist Prize 2016 and general gallery up-keep.
Nov 12 - Nov 29 2015
OPENING NIGHT Friday 13 November, 6-8pm
Prizes for Best Dress - Friday 13th theme
All works must be for sale
Artists can elect to donate 50% or 100% of the sale of artworks to
Newcastle Art Space

Hanging Fee: $20 per work/ max 2 works per artist
No size restrictions (must fit in the doors)
All mediums
Framed and unframed
Professionally presented and ready to hang
No wet works
Works on paper must be flat and not provided rolled up

Drop off works to NAS on Monday 10 November from
9am - 12 noon

Please bring hanging fee in cash and attach the following details to the back of work- name, title, medium, your contact details, sale price and commission 50% or 100%
If you have exhibited at NAS, have friends and family who have benefited from NAS and NEAP opportunities, please join us and be involved.