Sunday, March 29, 2015

Currently on show at NAS - 26 March tp 12 April
Work from three very different artists. Gallery 1 is showing Formations by Dan (Danielle) Nelson and Rob Cleworth and Susan Ryman are in Gallery 2 with Negotiated Identities.  If you are in Newcastle over Easter the gallery is open Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Sunday from 12 - 5pm.  These works require viewing face to face to fully appreciate the beauty, intrigue and skilled detailing of each rich surface.

 Formations-   Dan Nelson

Cloud Idea by Dan Nelson
Cloud Wave by Dan Nelson
Fire in the Mountain by Dan Nelson

Negotiated Identities Rob Cleworth and Susan Ryman

Hand by Rob Cleworth
(Detail only) After Jusepe Ribera's Prometheus by Rob Cleworth

Section - By His Hand Susan Ryman (one of three images)

Homecoming by Susan Ryman (4 panels)
Love Trophy by Susan Ryman

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A few images of what can be seen tonight at bounceback art exhibition. Artists featured below are a small selection of work available from top to bottom: Amelia Laffan,Rosanna Swanson-Wood,Samantha Black,Brian Deffern, Don Jordan, Janet Kirtley, Lyn Tucker, Ross Harding, Wayne Barwick, Samantha Black, Peter Holbrook, Matthew Wolfenden, Glenda Mears and Stuart Brown.